Urodynamics is a test for the fucntion of the bladder. It is useful in women complaining of

    • Urinary stress incontinence
    • Urinary urge incontinence
    • Urgency – the sensation of wanting to pass urine
    • Frequency – wanting to void a lot
    • Poor urinary flow
    • Incomplete bladder emptying

    Performed in hospital without the need for anaesthetic, it takes only 30 minutes to do and provides a wealth of information on how the bladder reacts to filling. This information allows formulation of treatment options for women with urinary incontinence symptoms. It helps determine if a woman would benefit from

    • sling surgery for incontinence
    • medications
    • bladder training
    • bladder distension
    • physiotherapy
    • or a combination of the above

    I include a cystoscopy at the same time. This involves having a telescope inserted into the bladder to visualise any changes that may be happening to the bladder. It helps to exclude abnormalities like inflammation, tumors or polyps, all of which may also cause symptoms.