Single site incision surgery (SILS)

Single site incision surgery

Single site incision surgery (SILS)

This is proving to be an exciting advancement in my surgical repertoire. It is what I would consider the ultimate in minimally invasive surgery.

In conventional keyhole surgery multiple small cuts are made in the tummy through which a number of instruments are inserted to perform the operation. With SILS, only 1 single cut, usually in the belly button, is used. Through this all the instruments are passed and the surgery undertaken. Complex major surgery can be perfomred this way including

  • hysterectomy
  • removal of fibroids
  • removal of ectopic pregnancy
  • removal of ovarian cysts

In my experience, this technique has prove to be very useful in removing large pelvic lumps like ovarian cysts and fibroids. It has the benefits of:

      1. Single small cut
      2. Less pain
      3. Superior cosmetic result
      4. Improved convalesence

Tecnically more difficult to perform, it is very satisfying to view the end result, like in the picture posted. Here the only sign of the operation is a small cut in the belly button. In appropriate cases, I would offer this option for surgery.