Advanced minimally invasive surgery

minimally invasive surgery

Advanced minimally invasive surgery

Otherwise known as keyhole surgery, it has revolutionised surgery. In Gynaecology, there are 2 ways of performing this surgery:

Abdominal keyhole surgery utilises small telscopes inserted through small cuts in the skin. This lessens muscle trauma resulting less pain. Vaginal surgery is achieved in passing the telescope into the cavity of the womb through the vagina. In this case, no cuts are required. Complex surgery can be performed using either approach including hysterectomy, removal of fibroids, large ovarian cysts , pelvic floor reconstruction through to endometrial ablation.

Through the keyhole approach, women have benefitted from

  • more rapid recovery
  • possiblity of same day discharge
  • shorter convalsence
  • lower risks
  • better cosmetic outcome

Further enhancing minimally invasive abdominal surgery isI an exciting new technique called Single Site Incision Surgery (SILS). Here only 1 cut is made through which all instruments are inserted. Similar major surgery can be performed this way. The recovery is much improved.

I routinely use these techniques to perform major surgery and have been very impressed by the outcomes that are achieved.