Prenatal Counselling and Assessment

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Prenatal Counselling and Assessment

Prenatal care is now considered an important part of the advice and management to be offered to couples planning for a pregnancy. The health of the woman prior to pregnancy has a significant effect on the outcome of the pregnancy. In many areas, modification of behaviour, diet and optimising the health of the mother can lead to maximising the success of the outcome of the pregnancy. Some of the areas to consider are:

  • Weight management
  • Counselling on smoking, alcohol and drugs of addiction
  • Nutritional care including adequate vitamin supplementation
  • Optimisation of care of pre-existing medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes
  • Alteration of medications that may be used to minimise risk of effect on the baby
  • Ensuring adequate and appropriate immunity to common diseases
  • Screening for vitamin deficiencies
  • Assessment of risk factors or medical problems that may exist in the partner

In addition to these, I also undertake the following as part of the workup prior to pregnancy:

  1. Pre pregnancy genetic counselling
  2. Pelvic floor assessment

Leading a “healthy lifestyle” whilst important, is no longer the only criteria. There are now many tests and screens that be undertaken to exclude other conditions that may exist that may adversely affect the outcome for the pregnancy.