Pelvic Floor assessment and management in Pregnancy

Pelvic Floor assessment and management in Pregnancy

I am a strong advocate of woman becoming self aware of their pelvic floor, its muscles and their function. Good pelvic floor integrity provides protection against prolapse and incontinence. Pregnancy, labour and delivery can significantly affect this and predispose to problems later in life.Surprisingly many women have poor pelvic floor muscles, even those who have never been pregnant. In some this may be due to a genetic disorder but in others, it is simply a reflection of their lack of awareness of how to undertake correct pelvic floor exercises.

A simple assessment of the pelvic floor can be undertaken to assess its strength and integrity. In my practice I offer this women in the following situations:

  • Pre pregnancy
  • During the early pregnancy period
  • Following delivery at the 6 week check
  • In anyone with symptoms of incontinence or prolapse

Women found to have weak pelvic floor muscles are then offered management like

Commencing treatment early helps to maintain the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. Proactive therapy will go a long way to minimise later problems.