Cord blood Counselling

Cord blood Counselling

Cord blood collection for stem cells is a valuable service that can now be accessed privately. After delivery of the baby, the umbilical cord blood that is normally discarded, is instead saved, proceeded and stored for 18 years. From this is extracted the stem cells.

These stem cells currently are used to substitute for bone marrow transplantation for many disorders. In many ways, it can be superior to bone marrow transplantation as an exact match to the donor is not required. This applies for

  • the baby itself should it be required as the blood belongs to baby itself
  • siblings who may require it
  • it can be kept for many years unlike bone marrow
    • There is also extensive research of its use especially in diabetes and cerebral palsy. hence ove the 18 years, it is possible that many more uses can be found for the stem cells. In many countries including Australia, governments have set up public Cord Blood banks in order to store this important resource for use as an alternative to bone marrow transplantation.

      Currently there are private Cord Blood banks in Australia who offer a collection, processing and storage facilities for couples who wish to store the cord blood for their baby. They charge a fee and will attend at the time of delivery of the baby to collect the cord blood.

      It is my normal practice to offer information on this service but will leave the final decision for collection to the couple.