Category: Obstetrics

Downs syndrome screening in pregnancy

Everyone has 23 pairs of chromosomes. These contain the genetic codes that make up our genome and individual characteristics. There are many known changes that can occur on the chromosomes that can lead to a variety of abnormalities. Some are lethal and lead to miscarriages or stillbirth, others are compatible with life. However, in many babies born with such abnormalities, there are significant consequences to their well-being. Some may have mental retardation, multiple organ abnormalities like abnormal kidneys or hearts and so on.

Slapped cheek infection in pregnancy

Slapped Face or Slapped Cheek is a viral infection that is common in children. It is due to the Parvo B19 virus and affects young children. Found at times in epidemics in kindergarten, primary school or playgroups, it manifests as a cold with a rash on the face. Just like the child has been slapped!